Individual mentoring for leaders

Speaking is leading; real leaders speak with authenticity and impact!

Leadership is developing fast. There are many programs available to influence your leadership style in a practical way. Only a few of those options are highly effective and align with your leadership in speaking.

Are you in change-management, business-transition or are you ready to become a highly effective leader in your field? Presentation-Master is your solution to move yourself from speaking to creating impact .

It doesn’t matter how often you speak, it is how effective you are in communicating your message.
Are you a CEO, CFO, CIO, politician or a thought-leader?
Are you creating the impact you want and need right now?
Would you be satisfied if your latest presentation or speech would go viral on the internet?
No? Than it is time to get ready for the new visibility!

Nienke works exclusively with highly committed creators of  impact. If you consider yourself an impactor™ and  you want to increase your own authentic, clear, effective style: contact Nienke directly.
After a free one to one consultation she can tell you if there is a match to be mentored by Nienke herself.


To be invited to give a TED-talk is a great honor. It makes a distinguishing asset for anyone serious about public speaking. So you better come prepared and give it your all. Nienke was my mentor when it was time for me to take this lofty stage. Without a doubt, my talk came about substantially better than if I would have forgone the opportunity to receive her insightful instruction. Running up and until the supreme moment, she shared her acumen on stance and state, emphasis and energy, articulation and authenticity, to challenge me to give the best presentation I had ever given. Her no-nonsense mindset and focus on positively reinforcing your strong points make working with her both practical and enjoyable. Judge the result for yourself by watching my TED-talk, but if you ever feel you want to boost your stage performance, make sure to give Nienke a call. You’ll be surprised how much she can still help you improve.

Rick Hogenboom

Director, Water Footprint Network

Group Mentoring

Speaking is leading; real leaders speak with authenticity and impact! In some organisations and companies, there is a group in leading positions who need to develop their presentation skills fast. For example if the company has just been through a re-organisation, a change or is growing fast.
It is important to communicate all the changes well, to stay on track. The biggest pitfall after changes is the gap between the top-management and the ‘floor’. Some organisations prefer to bring a group of leaders together, to get them on the same page and the same level to serve the organisation with effective and engaging presentations and speaking.

Do you need a clear ‘voice of the organisation’, ‘the voice of the business’? Are there multiple candidates to get to the next level? Do you want them to be aligned, effective and still authentic? Our group mentoring program might be an option for you.
We start with a group session in which there is lots of space for individual care as well.
After completing the program with an individual presentation, the participants get their certification of Presenting with impact.
The group size is a maximum of 4 participants to keep up the calibrating level of improvement guaranteed.
Does this resonate with you and do you want more information: download our brochure Group mentoring.


Nienke is really, but really an excellent voice coach. She is authentic, wise, clear in her message, loving and supporting. She gives you more added value than you even could expect. During her seminar she was just able to hold my attention very naturally. She is able to transform you within one exercise on a “hot chair”:) What I received from her Masterclass was a very user-friendly, understandable and genius set of tools how to communicate in order to cover the whole audience. And I realised I can apply this method not only to public speaking, but also in my emails or whenever I want to make sure my communication will be understood completely. Thank you, Nienke!

Jana Kostrabova


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Ken Wright

In my leadership coaching now I get the leaders to come up with the skills that they need to be successful and ensure that they come up with speaking/presentation skills, rarely does this surface without prompting, before we can successfully work on it they need to agree it is an important skill to have. As a speaker now I know the difference between presenting as a CEO to your own team and doing presentations to outside groups. The internal presentations a CEO does can be much more difficult and these differences need to be considered when providing this coaching.