Michelle Obama gave a great speech at the DNC this year. Michelle Obama might become Hillary Clinton’s best ACE to win the elections. “Speak like Obama” reached a whole new level. We knew she was capable to do it right into peoples heart, she did it in 2012 too. In my book I describe ACE as Authentic Clear Effective. Michelle nailed it.
What can Hillary do, to get a spark of what Michelle is doing? The answer is:
Let go of force and stay congruent.
Let me clarify this.

  1. How to use your voice. If Hillary get into the state as ‘motivational speaker’ she puts force on her vocal cords. She can sound like a nagging mom. In the unconscious mind of the voters that’s something that can put people off.
  2. Stay congruent. When Hillary is touched or really motivated she smiles with a force.  It comes across as not congruent. The feeling you get is anger, smile doesn’t match. Animals in fear like monkeys do the same.Our brain catches that as unreal, fake even when your intention is good.
  3. Vary your voice. Hillary has the tendency to speak loud, force on breathing high. People get tired of the same volume and sound and believe less of what you say. The words an volume don’t match and it creates an non-congruent feeling as well. People see you as ‘not trustworthy’.

Michelle Obama’s speech of 2012 came fully from her heart: no force what so ever. Variation in tonality, speed, smile and being touched, vary in volume etc.
Eight years of being a dedicated first wife changed the tone and the facial expression. She is congruent in the body-language and voice.
Compared to Donald Trump Hillary has an ACE with Michelle.
My colleague Dr Nick Morgan had a great analyse that ticks the powerful part of being congruent and without force as a speaker, according to Trump.
I have more hope for America if Michelle and Hillary put their power together. Authentic Clear and Effective!