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"Engagement, integrity and being at service is in my DNA"
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Caring & Sharing

Nienke van Bezooijen started her working career as a nurse and after 25 years in healthcare, top-management, she started her second life as an entrepreneur in 2008. While working as a consultant, she exchanged knowledge with entrepreneurs and she became passionate about training and coaching. She travelled all around the globe to learn these skills from the top masters in the field of speaking in public.

Share knowledge

In 2013 Presentation-Master started, when Nienke realised it was time to combine all the knowledge she gathered from all over the world, into her own company. As an entrepreneur, she searched in what form and shape her talent could serve the world best. She loves to be a mentor and coach for thought-leaders and change-makers, in politics and businesses.



Nienke created her own ‘Speaker Success Solution’ (English only) in 2015 with the E.A.S.E. method for public speaking, which combines all the knowledge she finds important. In order to reach more people she licensed this method and created a team: Presentation-Master. She is also (co)writer of the book ‘Sprekend Leiderschap’ 2017 (NL). Over the years Nienke coached more than hundred speakers to the TEDx stage and she was ACE mentor at the Professional Speakers Academy in London. Nienke van Bezooijen is known as public speaking expert by the Dutch national TV. On specials occasions Nienke is an inspiring keynote speaker and MC herself.


Balance the masculine and the feminine in public speaking

Either you get your result based on force and power or based on determination created by who you are. Often the current world of public speaking is highly influenced in the standards in a persuading or convincing style of speaking. Authentic, Clear Effective communication brings a balance with more feminine values like engagement, collaboration, compassion, inspiration, integrity, inclusiveness, being at service and supporting growth. In all Nienke van Bezooijen does, these values as a standard way of acting creates space to transform the way we communicate with each other in personal and professional communication. She is recognised for influencing the world of politics, universities and influential business.


Make the difference

Nienke van Bezooijenis the perfect coach/mentor for you if you are willing to serve your audience in a unique, engaging way, beyond tricks and doing your ‘thing on stage’. Nienke isn’t for everybody. Before she makes the decision to work with someone she will first do an assessment with the potential client to make sure there is a match. In a full free hour conversation, Nienke will check if the potential client is committed to investing in the future and can share the basic values of Presentation-Master.

She is selective and works exclusively with people who resonate with her style. She can be straightforward, direct in a Dutch style. A refreshing combination of comfort and discomfort to bring you forward to serve the world, beyond your imaginary boundaries.

Nienke knows we all have a voice that needs to be heard. Are you ready?



Sharing her expertise and stand is visible in Nienke being a constellation leader at the Global Institute For Extraordinary Women (GIFEW).

Besides leading in mentoring Nienke is director of education within GIFEW. Nienke loves to connect, people, organisations and tribes. So, you can find Nienke as a mentor for Women Leading in Change program for Female Wave of Change and on the advisory board in general for the Female Wave of Change.

Nienke cares about the future leadership,  that’s why she is a committed member of the advisory board of Youth Politics and Education of Slovakia YPE and is she a mentor at the Academy for Conscious Politics.

Ideas worth Spreading

Nienke love ’s to contribute with her team as a speaker coach for TEDx events to boost the real ideas worth spreading.


We all learned to talk but speaking is a profession. Learn more?

My latest book

My life with Emma
moving mountains in silence

This book is a tribute to a beautiful soul! A grandmother who was an inspiration. It’s the story of the relationship between grandmother and me, her granddaughter. It is an amazing journey through time and love. I wish it inspires, encourages and besses you by reading this beautiful book.

Nienke’s trainers/mentors

Bea Benkova

Nienke started to work with The Global Institute For Extraordinary Women (GIFEW) on 2017 after the Global Summit Inner Purpose – to Outer Impact – to Social Change. In May 2017 she started the Certification Leadership Program and became a future leader.
More about Nienke’s drive and personal mission you can find on her personal page.

David Shephard

In 2015 Nienke went back to the basics and was trained by the trainer of Andy Harrington in order to tap in to authenticity before sales. David Shephard was that connection. The skill of storytelling and inspiring your audience she learned at the top level from David. David Shephard wrote the foreword for the Speaker Success Solution.

Andy Harrington

Nienke joined the Professional Speakers Academy in the UK in 2014.
With a Fast Track Program of 6 month she was trained at the Elite Level at Andy Harrington’s Professional Speakers Academy in order to teach the Jet Set Speaker System. She was an ACE mentor at the academy till 2017. Andy helped her to structure all her materials and inspired her for the E.A.S.E. method.

Deborah Torres Patel

The World’s Top Voice Expert
Find your Million Dollar Voice Program.
Nienke joined the program in 2012 in Switzerland
Assisted this program in 2013 Leiden (NL)2014 Frankfurt (DE)
Nienke was mentored by Deborah for two years and they are in contact as professionals. Watch Nienke’s live testimonial on the Women Achievers Congress in London 2015.

Blair Singer

Nienke attended several high level trainings of Blair Singer.
Train the Trainer Certification Program London UK 2011
Making the Stage program Thailand 2011
The Master Facilitator Certification Program in USA 2012
On a intensive level she attended mastermind and bookstudies with Blair ( Turning pro).
Blair helped her on program design, sales-techniques and mindset (Little Voice Mastery).

T Harv Eker

Nienke worked T Harv Eker at The MMI and worked on sales-techniques.
Millionaire mind Intensive Amsterdam 2011
Making the Stage program Thailand 2011

Client reviews

I worked with Nienke briefly but intensively both the day before and on the actual day that I gave a TEDx Talk in Zwolle, in the Netherlands. She gave me very perceptive and useful feedback from the rehearsal. Just before I went on, she had me practice my story on her so that it was completely top of mind when I went on stage. She is critical but reassuring – just the right combination. Thanks, Nienke!

Tracy Metz

journalist, author, moderator, director, host live talkshow, columnist, John Adams Institute, Stadsleven, Radio1 De Ochtend

Nienke helped me put the final polish on my Tedx talk. She gave great feedback on my practice runs, had great suggestions to tighten things up and made me feel like a million bucks. The results are apparent in the TEDx Video through my calm confident performance!

Heather Vescent

Entrepreneur, Futurist, Producer, The Purple Tornado

Her personal mission, ‘to provide the world with a voice’, says it all. Nienke quickly cuts to the chase, exposes your actual message and helps you to focus on just that. With her strong personality she can take control when needed, but ultimately it’s about you and your story. I know my TEDx talk would have been nowhere near as sharp without her.

Jasper Driessens

Entrepreneurial AI student, University of Amsterdam

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