E.A.S.E. method

In all the global education Nienke got over the years, there were a lot of valuable lessons to be learned. However, she often went home with an empty feeling.
What was missing? After those programs the participants had to figure out how to implement the materials in daily life.

Nienke likes to simplify life.

She made her own structure, easy to remember, easy to duplicate and easy to implement everywhere.
In her book The Speaker Success Solution Nienke describes how the E.A.S.E. System works.


E. of Energy

Wherever you perform, all starts with the energy you are showing to the one who listens to you. Too low or too high in energy is dysfunctional. How to bring the right balance is in the first E of the system.
Speaking is like a heartbeat, and that’s what Nienke explains in her first chapters about The C.P.R. for speakers.

A. of Authenticity

Your audience will notice very fast if you are authentic in sharing what you have to say or if you are playing them a trick. Authentic sharing is long lasting and helps building sustainable credibility.
Knowing yourself is like creating you own North Star to follow. It is your own unique signature in the way you speak, and will be remembered.

S. of Skills

Most coaches and trainers start teaching you the skills of speaking in public without checking your energy and authenticity first. Nienke is convinced that you first need to know how you come across and who you are inside, before you start speaking. Under Skills Nienke van Bezooijen will give you insights how to structure your speeches effectively. With this structure, it is possible to speak off the top of your head, engaging all, and forget nothing.
In tonality, you learn how to use your voice to keep your audience on the same page with you.
Last but not least, you can increase your impact if you know how your bodylanguage can support what you say, and how you say it.

E. of Engagement

How you connect with your audience is the last part of the system. How do you keep the energy in the room, how do prevent ‘sending’ your message and lose the audience. How do you recognise the hotspot and gaps of energy in the room, how do you handle questions effectively and respectfully. This is all part of the last E in E.A.S.E. With using ears, eyes and emotions, you can increase your influence and serve your audience the best way possible without losing yourself.

The Future

To expand the reach of helping speakers worldwide she developed her own training on a top level for people who want to use this E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System™ as well.
Do you want to become a Master speaker coach too?
Would you like to work at this world class level as well, make your own money by serving speakers worldwide?

TEDify your message

TED and TEDx are incredible popular platforms; millions of people are watching these engaging and inspiring short presentations in the TED format.
TED(x) is all about ideas worth spreading, like Chris Anderson explains in the video.

The ground rules for a TEDx style talk are: no branding, no flaunting, no ego or sales. Besides all that, the time frame is very strict and tight: There is a maximum of 18 minutes to cover all you want to share. These rules makes it attractive to listen to, and easy to remember. TEDified speaking also includes structure, storytelling, and a smashing ending people will never forget.

Presentation-Master has years of experience in coaching speakers for the TEDx platform. Hundreds of speakers have benefited from our method to TEDify you message.
We got more and more requests to use this TEDx structure without the official TEDx-stage, and to use this style for business events, video’s, webinars, speeches and lectures.
It doesn’t matter if you have to speak for 3, 10 or 20 minutes, with your TEDified story you will create a huge impact!

Check out this blog about the secret of TED.


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