Recently I was touched by two articles of people I highly respect. Both wrote about ego.
The first one, Robert Bridgeman, mentioned: Donald Trump and the Dalai Lama both have a BIG ego. They both need that in order to achieve BIG things in life. Ego means ”I” in Latin nothing more or less. You need to feel you basic “self” in order to serve others too.

Donald Trump might have a total different perspective on that. The ego power can still be the same. The drive or will to make things happen.

Also my colleague Nick Morgan spoke about ego in particular for speakers. He says: It’s the ego that holds you back from doing well as a speaker.  What makes public speaking most difficult is that you’re putting yourself out there, and you’re afraid of judgement. I often tell coaching clients that the secret to happiness in public speaking is to let go of your ego and realize that the presentation isn’t about you speaking. It’s about the audience hearing something. You’re in service to that audience and to the message. In the trio of speaker, message, and audience, you’re the least important part.

Speakers with fear of speaking or with a lack of performance drive (such as: I always do it like this, I never get complains always applause) put their ego up first. If I get them in my speaker-mentoring I call them selfish speakers.
Yes, also the ones who hesitate because they are afraid to speak in front of an audience.
Dr. Nick Morgan mentioned another item as well. The ego causes procrastination. Procrastination to prepare you speech or presentation to the best. All other emails, meetings and social time before practicing speaking. Don’t let ego get in the way of mastering your craft.
Especially with busy CEO’s and entrepreneurs I see this happen a lot. For example: the people we work with rarely hesitate on price investment, they hesitate on time investment. They are too busy to prepare deeply.

If you want to be or stay at the top of your performance in business, like an athlete thrives for the best performance in sport, why not prepare for the best.
That’s why we ask our people the most important question; Are you willing to let go of your ego when you speak? What we mean by that is: are you willing to put your audience first. Are you willing to let go of the need to hear applause for your ego.
Some people say yes, of course, some people hesitate and some say honest No, I want that applause, I love to be in the spotlight. That’s the place to be for me. We don’t judge the last category. We just don’t work with them. We refer them with an open mind and heart to a colleague whom loves to work with them.

Ego is highly underestimated or unexplored item for speakers. We just help to wake you up and let you contribute to a serving mindset. In some field highly over-estimated. Ego means a bad thing that need to be tempered. Also there: We just help to wake you up and let you contribute to a serving mindset.
No matter if you identify with the Dalia Lama or someone like Trump. To me it is: what do you do to contribute, beyond ego.
Keep up speaking!