It was hard to not see the video of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama today.
So many questions came through my mind as a speaker’s Mentor. I help people to write their speeches but still it’s important to let them speak authentic.
You can admire other speakers for their great speeches. You can borrow inspirational quotes by quoting them. What happened here is a total different order.
If you help someone who is for sure not trained to write a ‘first-ladies speech’, I would suggest to protect the speaker first.
Protect your speaker by the integrity to let them shine as themselves.
To protect them from the image of being a copy cat.
To protect them from looking odd an not authentic.
To protect them from a husband tweeting: It was truly an honor to introduce my wife, Melania. Her speech and demeanor were absolutely incredible. Very proud! I hope for him he has the right person in mind, not a different Mrs M.
I knew my mission is BIG but after today I realize it might be even bigger than I had in mind.
You can be carried away with inspiration of someone else’s speech. Martin Luther King,J.F Kennedy Barack Obama or Margaret Thatcher or Hillary Clinton. Just be careful to loose yourself, for sure it will turn against you and the power of your message.
Keep up speaking as yourself! Anyone else is taken….Being someone wife doesn’t mean someone else’s speech.