The Speaker Success Solution

The art of Public Speaking is the most underestimated part of your job, worldwide and in all fields! This book will help you to start to grow from expert in your field to expert speaker. That is why it’s called the Speaker Success Solution.


We all have a message worth sharing, you only have to start speaking instead of just talking.
– Nienke van Bezooijen

Speaking is a profession!
Some have it naturally. Others don’t.
This book will help you a lot to get better…
If you have a talent, it makes speaking easier.
If you don’t have it, it will help you to get out of the way…
Have fun reading it and start to practice to get in your EASE element!

René C.W. Boender

René has been named the best foreign speaker in the USA three times already, and is author of 'Great to Cool’ and ‘Cool is Hot’