With our TEDified presentations you are always up to date with what to say and how to say it. With TEDxStyle Facebook Live, we will get you ready to the level that is required for visibility on social media. Livestreaming of high quality, that is attractive for your visitor to watch. They are guaranteed to come back to you over and over again, because you stand out of the mass crowd of ‘just doing a Facebook Live’.
You will never look like just a taking head, and you will spread your message effectively and with EASE and fun!

One day!

Are you ready to create your Facebook Live at a TEDxlevel over and over again?
It will only take you a day to learn! And remember, all we tell you about Facebook visibility is useable on all social media!

If you want to take it even further, we work  with the  Experts of Ann DeVere from LA and together we will show you how to set up your own TV channel for €300,- or  less.

Do you want to create your own expert position on social media without spending a fortune? Read more how to get there, in our brochure TEDxStyleFacebookLive.*

Nienke knows, in a very short time, how to drastically improve your presentation skills. She manages to give you just enough hints, in just the right way, to help you deliver your speech to the best effect. Which makes you feel better about your own presentation, but most importantly, helps your audience understand your ideas and message much better. Presenting for me used to be an okay activity, now it’s plain straight-out fun!

Maartje van hees

Founder, ExceptionAll

Nienke and I worked together at the IBO goes TEDx seminar in the Netherlands, where Nienke had the role of chairwoman and coach for the speakers. She coached me as a preparation of my IBO TEDx talk about my book: Accounting Architecture Model. Nienke her strength is to ask you just a couple of questions related to your presentation, which clears out exactly what you want to talk about. Her statement is that you have to be able to explain your message in only 2-3 minutes. If you can do that, then you can give any presentation about you topic, in 3 minutes or 3 hours. Nienke gives the people she works with, a lot of trust and support that you really feel comfortable and secure to present and talk about your topic. As the chairwoman she keeps the agenda and the timeframes and she does this in a very natural way. After the positive IBO goes TEDx event and the positive words from Nienke, I even decided to become a public speaker myself! Nienke, thanks a lot for your enthusiasm, coaching an support and I am already looking forward to work with you again in the near future.

Marinda Van Harskamp

Finance transformation, coach, trainer, author and public speaker, IKEA Group

Media Training

Does your job require of you that have to talk with the traditional media, incidental or on a regular base, and that is not your favourite thing to do?

Would it be helpful for you to be prepared and have a structure, which will help you to answer questions in a spontaneous and well-spoken manner? Without any uhm’s or search for the right words?
It is possible! You will no longer have to look back on interviews with regrets because you have said something different.

If you want to control your nerves or emotions while speaking with the media, the Presentation-Master media training is definitely worth your while! Get all information you need from our brochure Media training.*

Presenting on Webinars

In all kind of business and organisations webinars have become a common good.
Watching those webinars isn’t always a joy. The reason for that is that most of them are over-scripted so you are looking at “an appalling play”; you would learn more if they had just sent you a brochure with the information you were after!  Other webinars are so overloaded with information or so salesy, they become very unattractive to watch and to pay attention to.


How would it be if you were able to have an easy to follow structure, which provides you with all the guidelines you need? The result of mastering this structure is that all clients watching your webinars get what you want to share with them, ánd stay engaged from the beginning till the very end.

Do you want to present engaging webinars? Get our brochure Presenting on webinars to see if our quick training will help you to achieve the customers satisfaction rate of excellent!

Effectivity in the board room

Meetings….there are not many who like them! Similar agenda, the manager sending the information, items rescheduled because someone is absent. Or: you are hosting a meeting where few are really listening attentively. Why am I doing this every week, you might ask yourself!

Waste of time?

What if your meeting were efficient, with active and valuable participation of all those present? What is you could read bodylanguage so you know upfront who is listening, who has a question or who isn’t on the same page with you?
You can become the Master of the meeting if you can influence the process ánd outcome in the right direction.


We will teach you how to master a meeting in one day of training. This training consists of a very hands-on day, for all who want to get more out of hosting or attending a meeting, on a regular base.
We provide you with a set of guidelines you can use over and over again!

Interested? Download our brochure Effectivity in meetings.*

Effective conference calls

Nowadays, conference calls isn’t just dialling a number and continue to work while nobody can see if you are really paying attention to what is said. Modern conference calls are often video based, as if you were in the same room together. No more hiding, the new visibility kicks in here too!

Little twist

We often the get the question how to make these kind of calls effective, how to deal with it. A customer can see you and you can see them. How do you act ‘at service to them’?
How to close a deal, or inform others and catch up effectively on conference calls, isn’t that different from being effective in a boardroom, it just needs a little twist.

If you are not fully confident about your video conference call skills, our half day training Effectivity in conference calls, can be just the investment you need!
Download our brochure Effective conference calls.*

Is it time for more effective presenting?