Individual mentoring for leaders

Speaking is leading; real leaders speak with authenticity and impact!

Leadership is developing fast. There are many programs available to influence your leadership style in a practical way. Only a few of those options are highly effective and align with your leadership in speaking.

Are you in change-management, business-transition or are you ready to become a highly effective leader in your field? Presentation-Master can be your solution to move from sending your message, to communicate with people, and have the desired result as an outcome.

It doesn’t matter how often you speak, it is how effective you are in communicating your message.
Are you a CEO, CFO, CIO or thought-leader in another field?
Are you creating the impact you want and need right now?
Would you be satisfied if your latest presentation or speech would go viral on the internet?
No? Than it is time to get ready for the new visibility!
After completing the program with an individual presentation, you’ll receive a certification of Presenting with impact’.
How we can help you?

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Individual mentoring for leaders*

Group Mentoring

Speaking is leading; real leaders speak with authenticity and impact! In some organisations and companies, there is a group in leading positions who need to develop their presentation skills fast. For example if the company has just been through a re-organisation, a change or is growing fast.
It is important to communicate all the changes well, to stay on track. The biggest pitfall after changes is the gap between the top-management and the ‘floor’. Some organisations prefer to bring a group of leaders together, to get them on the same page and the same level to serve the organisation with effective and engaging presentations and speaking.

Do you need a clear ‘voice of the organisation’, ‘the voice of the business’? Are there multiple candidates to get to the next level? Do you want them to be aligned, effective and still authentic? Our group mentoring program might be an option for you.
We start with a group session in which there is lots of space for individual care as well.
After completing the program with an individual presentation, the participants get their certification of Presenting with impact.
The group size is a maximum of 4 participants to keep up the calibrating level of improvement guaranteed.
Does this resonate with you and do you want more information: download our brochure Group mentoring*

Individual mentoring for professional speakers

In the field of professional speakers, coaching isn’t common. Even more shocking: the speaker agencies hardly check the level of the professional speakers when they are contracted. Worse, they don’t check if the level from the past fits the current level of expectations. The result is that many speakers do ‘their thing’. Whenever you book them, they do a similar speech or presentation. Why? It’s an easy way of making good money.
The top level in the field of public speaking, is one of the best paid professions all over the world.

How about you, professional speaker yourself… Do you have a mentor helping you to cover your blind spots, who works with you to stay in shape, like all pro’s in sport do?

We understand that you don’t want ‘just a coach’; you need someone who understands the field of public speaking well and knows your challenges. At Presentation-Master we understand what is affecting you. The question is: Do you dare to improve,  do you dare to leave your comfort zone?

Are you willing to improve and go to the next level of speakers? Learn how to be authentic, clear and effective, and become an ACE in speaking? Contact us!
We start with a free intake to see if we match; to be fair, our mentoring doesn’t fit all speakers.

Do you want to know more about what to expect, download our brochure Individual mentoring for professional speakers*

*Brochures are in preparation, will be downloadable soon.

Within half an hour Nienke knew to point out my story, over a year’s worth of blogging, in the size of one A-6 format. She has given me, in short time, a positive way in thinking out of my box. Now the ball is in my court. So thank you, Nienke, out of my comfort zone I go!

Marjolein Pothoven

teacher mentor, Prakticon

Nienke is a speaker coach I can recommend to anyone. She is at ease in her skill, knowledgeable in her field and strong in her presence. She combines creating a safe environment for learning with stepping in directly, making me learning on the spot, stimulating me to learn beyond the reach I have myself. Learning by doing, powerful and effective.

Arri Pauw

Partner, Genesis Consulting Group

I asked Nienke to help me with coaching on speaking in public and work for TV Documentaries.
I assumed she would help me with my posture, but what she did was different and quite exceptional: within little time she helped me put my message into better, coherent words than I could ever do alone, by asking me questions and pointing at what would be most important. She really did an excellent job and I could highly recommend her speaker coaching to anyone who wants to get his or her message to the world clear.

Saskia ter Welle

Fashion Designer, Designer Haute Couture Embroidery, Saskia ter Welle Colour | Style | Design

This coaching made me hungry for more public speaking, speaking in front of large groups as well. Before this coaching, it only gave me stress. I can see the results in business in the real business boost I benefit from after the coaching. I’m happy to share this with any others because what Presentation Master teaches is sustainable and useful for a lifetime, Thank you!

Robert van Schie

Owner & CEO, KVA Credit Finance

Want to know more about Individual mentoring?

Ken Wright

In my leadership coaching now I get the leaders to come up with the skills that they need to be successful and ensure that they come up with speaking/presentation skills, rarely does this surface without prompting, before we can successfully work on it they need to agree it is an important skill to have. As a speaker now I know the difference between presenting as a CEO to your own team and doing presentations to outside groups. The internal presentations a CEO does can be much more difficult and these differences need to be considered when providing this coaching.

Nienke helped me put the final polish on my TEDx talk. She gave great feedback on my practice runs, had great suggestions to tighten things up and made me feel like a million bucks. The results are apparent in the TEDx Video through my calm confident performance! Thanks, Heather. Here my TEDx Talk

Heather Schlegel

Entrepreneur, Futurist, Producer, Heathervescent