Grace D Duffy was an executive who had public speaking coaches along the way and they were her biggest keys to success!

She went from a shy, nervous upcoming manager to an executive who searched for public speaking opportunities. As a woman that means a lot and she grew to actually love it! What contributed to her success? Being given honest feedback by a mentor with courage, investing in a coach, videotaping, knowing her audience, passion for her topic, being extremely prepared and practice, practice, practice!

Are you still in doubt if speaking coaching is something you should consider?
Are you 100% satisfied about your own presentation?
Are you a leader of your industry?
You can manage your 1000+ employees and at the same time you can’t feel 100% secure about your speeches?
You want the real attention of your audience?

Leaders of industry and well-known speakers learned the value of one to one mentoring. They clearly understand you can be trained for leadership, also as a speaker. The art of Public Speaking is the most underestimated part of your job!


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Ken Wright

In my leadership coaching now I get the leaders to come up with the skills that they need to be successful and ensure that they come up with speaking/presentation skills, rarely does this surface without prompting, before we can successfully work on it they need to agree it is an important skill to have. As a speaker now I know the difference between presenting as a CEO to your own team and doing presentations to outside groups. The internal presentations a CEO does can be much more difficult and these differences need to be considered when providing this coaching.

You can get hours of training to improve your communication skills. There is a global business full of talented people who can tell you what to say and even how to say it. You can get speaker training to polish your performance, to shine in the spotlight. But what do people see? A polished version of you. The danger about polishing is that this isn’t permanent.

Are you ready to step up and make the difference from the speakers in your field of expertise? Are you ready to leave your comfort-zone?

You might be the one we want to work with. We work with fully committed people who are ready to step up for the ripple effect in life. We only work with a selective and limited group of people. This can be you… with E.A.S.E.

Imagine: You just finished the speech of your life that changed the perspective of your stakeholders for the good and all employees are at the same page with you now!

Picture this: You show of like the solid leader of the company in your field because you nailed it in your presentation so well. Your colleagues in industry still talk about it for months. Imagine you are the expert to go to. Just because you can transfer your vision, mission and strategy for the company, by getting you message across in a perfect and professional way.

Are you able to represent your company at the next level? Not only by your current position but by speaking as well? That is exactly why Presentation Master created The Speaker Success Solution: To help leaders become great speakers!

Want to know more about Individual mentoring?

An example on your voice only:
On the phone, the sound of your voice and the way you communicate contributes 86-93% to people’s impression of you. In person you may sound uninspired or nervous or unsure or whiny – AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT – because people rarely give feedback on your voice, only on your message.

A study conducted by Duke University and published in Forbes Magazine in April 2013, revealed that the sound of your voice could literally be costing you hundreds of thousands of Euro’s per year. Far too often people just accept their voice as it is, and don’t realize the power they have to change and control how they sound. Have you ever heard a beautiful voice of a broadcaster, announcer, or emcee and wish that YOU were born with a wonderful voice like that?

The truth is you can train your voice to sound amazing with easy to follow vocal techniques. We developed the E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System to get you these results fast and sustainable! The secret to Success is available for you! Get your session now ! Give us a call or leave a message and we call you to book a strategy session to make this tailor made for your unique situation.

Make the difference! Stand out!
We start with an assessment, without obligations, to make sure we have a fit and we serve you in the optimum way. After the assessment we have a clear ‘go or no-go’. With a ‘go’ we serve you with a tailor made program of 6 month based on your experiences, knowledge, habits and your personal goals. The investment for Individual mentoring starts at €3500,- .

Nienke helped me put the final polish on my TEDx talk. She gave great feedback on my practice runs, had great suggestions to tighten things up and made me feel like a million bucks. The results are apparent in the TEDx Video through my calm confident performance! Thanks, Heather. Here my TEDx Talk

Heather Schlegel

Entrepreneur, Futurist, Producer, Heathervescent

Nienke is a speaker coach I can recommend to anyone. She is at ease in her skill, knowledgeable in her field and strong in her presence. She combines creating a safe environment for learning with stepping in directly, making me learning on the spot, stimulating me to learn beyond the reach I have myself. Learning by doing, powerful and effective.

Arri Pauw

Partner, Genesis Consulting Group

Also for the second time Nienke was my speakercoach for a TEDxtalk, again with full satisfaction of the results! Nienke has the ability to mirror and find the weak chains in the talk to improve to outstanding points. It is my ambition to do many more TEDxtalks and make it to the main TED stage. It’s also my ambition to do this together with Nienke, with warm regards  Robert Bridgeman.

Robert Bridgeman

Author, Speaker, Bridgeman Method, Bridgeman

This coaching made me hungry for more public speaking, speaking in front of large groups as well. Before this coaching, it only gave me stress. I can see the results in business in the real business boost I benefit from after the coaching. I’m happy to share this with any others because what Presentation Master teaches is sustainable and useful for a lifetime, Thank you!

Robert van Schie

Owner & CEO, KVA Credit Finance