In Company Coaching

You can get training with your team over and over again and get no sustainable result. That’s why we work with small groups and give in-company coaching, instead of training. We let the program stick. Communication skills, presenting your company, bodylanguage and voice use, it’s all-in there. In company coaching is always tailor made with you to get the best result for you and your team.

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Speakers Success Solution®

The E.A.S.E. Professional Speaking System™ is an umbrella that covers four important elements that are essential to speakers.

If you are a professional speaker or an industry leader where public speaking is part of your job, or if you are a person who has the feeling that you have something to share with the world, or a manager who needs to tell employees about the new strategy, then this system helps you.

This method is designed to get you from being an average speaker to one that is respected, inspirational and influential, whenever and wherever you are speaking.

In the structure of the In Company Coaching you’ll recognize the four elements of E.A.S.E..

A speaker who brings energy into their presentation creates real impact and a space where people are open to the message and will remember it. By using your energy in the right way you will engage your audience, whether you are giving a presentation full of facts and figures or a motivational speech.

As a speaker you must be in charge of both your own energy, and the audience’s energy. If you are uncertain or have low energy, you will come across as hesitant or perhaps less convincing and the attention of your audience will be attracted to cell phones, colleagues, daydreams and anything other than you. It’s not just in your voice or your words; your energy is in your overall being. Either through body language, tone of voice or inauthentic messages: apathetic speakers share ineffective messages.

On the other hand, overly active speakers don’t give their audience any landing space for the message. Before your audience can think about the message you are sending, you are already sending the next. There is an ‘overkill of energy’, that can cause an audience to block you out.

To bring you alive as a speaker we will help you in our In-Company-Coaching to get the right level of energy.


Presentation C.P.R.™
When Why How What If

Results is what you want to gain for your audience. What results do you want to get?
The starting point is always, like Simon Sinek says: Start with the Why.

So by introducing your topic in our In Company Coaching program you learn to make sure people understand why you speak about your topic, why that is important to them as specific audience and why it is important now.

And last but not least: Why they should listen to you.

After our In Company Coaching program you will know how to speak, what to say and how to do it well. You are the speaker who gets remembered telling a story that really gets to people. This is why you will enjoy part four of the E.A.S.E. system. Engagement is what will differentiate you from all other professionals and speakers.

If you like to share what matters to you, things that fascinate and inspire others, if you want to make a real contribution and if you want to leave a legacy by sharing your talent, knowledge and experience, then this is the pillar that will really inspire you. This pillar under our In Company Coaching is about the real mastery of speaking: The Master’s Method.

It’s like the signal you see before crossing a railway track. Pay real attention to what is going on in your audience before you take any action, before you even speak your first sentence.

The Masters Method®

Make the difference! Stand out!
We start with an In Company Assessment, without obligations, to make sure we have a fit and we serve you and your company in the optimum way.

After the In Company Assessment we have a clear ‘go or no-go’. With a ‘go’ we serve you with a tailor made In Company Program of 3 to max. 12 months, based on your experiences, knowledge, habits and your goals. The investment for In Company Group Coaching starts at €9995,- .