Personal consultancy

It is shocking to notice how little attention personal performance gets in the field of leadership. Personal effectivity or personal leadership is highly valued. The way how to express these skills is usually NOT an effective part of those programs. What a waste of time and money if you miss-out on that part!

Presentation-Master says: wherever you come, wherever you go: you are always presenting yourself.
Nowadays, with social media and the internet, you can never be sure that your performance stays indoors; the new visibility is everywhere: you better be ready! Are you?

New visibility

If you are not sure about your level of performance or if you are ready for this new visibility: personal consultancy might be the answer for you!
Together we go over what is working for you, and what you can improve.
There is never a standard advice; it is a journey on a very personal level.

Make sure you stay up to date with what your organisation is demanding from you, even without you noticing it. Can you afford to keep your blind-spots?

More about personal consultancy, investments and results, is to be found in our brochure: Personal consultancy*


Nienke did a great job in helping to create my story. I had no idea how to make a story of my experience in combination with the message I want to spread. The result is a complete story, and being able to adjust it to the audience. I like the style in which Nienke coaches, direct, friendly, no nonsense and right to the point. When you’re done, you’re done! I for sure would hire Nienke again to fine-tune even more when I got podium experience. Thanks a lot Nienke!

Elsbeth van Lienden

Coach, The Pink Walnut

Event consultancy

Hiring a special organisation to elevate your business event can be quite pricey. How is the look and feel? Are the food and drinks on time, does the PowerPoint show on a large screen? Do you have a fancy video to show to your audience? Even the outcome of hiring a well-known or funny speaker won’t last very long if solid ground and real impact is missing. The key to the success of your event does not depend on those things!

If you would check with your participants what the real results from your costly event are, you would be shocked by the outcome!!
The return on investment can increase by 50% if you know what to do, and how to do it. Your costs can often been lowered by 50% too.
Can you afford to continue the old way? Or is it time to invest in our consultancy? That would be a guaranteed money saver for years to come, and will increase your event impact.

Do you want to know more about how to transform a business event inside your organisation, to an event that is worth every penny?
Download our Event consultancy brochure* to learn all about it.

*Brochures are in preparation, will be downloadable soon.

Need a professional and rock solid speaker coach? Work with Nienke!
For our first TEDxSaxionUniversity Conference we were searching for a professional, ‘rock solid’ speaker coach. The quality of your speakers make or break your event, especially when it’s a TEDx Conference. So speaker coaching was a crucial factor for us.
Nienke came recommended by TEDxZwolle and she did an amazing job! Nienke and her business partner Lars helped our speakers build their stories and improve their performance with lots of commitment and passion. It did not feel like a client – supplier relationship at all, it felt like working together on building the best possible event. Every step of the way! Needless to say, Nienke and Lars come highly recommended by TEDxSaxionUniversity.

Lonnie Holders

Marketing Communications Manager, Lonnie Holders

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