In-company coaching (ICC)

On the level of management there is a yearning to get teams on the same page with the managers. How do you get ‘your people’ into the direction you want them to move?
The key is an engaging communication style every time you speak. Building up a connecting style of transferring you information, will provide you with amazingly better results in getting your team moving with you!

To acquire those skills, In-company coaching by Presentation-Master might just be the answer and give the boost that is needed.

Small groups

Presentation-Master will coach groups with the maximum size of 10 participants in four sessions of three hours. Hands on, coaching on the spot.
You can choose out of a variety of different communication trainings, but Presentation-Master goes beyond ’just’ a training. We cover the whole area of speaking, beyond tips, tricks and just improving skills.
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Nienke is at an exceptional level as a speaker coach in The Netherlands. Of all the top courses I can think of internationally she has mastered them. It is hard to find someone on that level especially in the Netherlands. Besides that she coaches with her heart and really pushes you to reach that next level in your personal development and growth. In terms of value that is priceless. When it comes to getting coached for public speaking, Nienke is the real deal.

Paul van Oostende

Manager SAP & Basic Middleware, Ministery of Finance

TEDx Coaching

Why TEDx Coaching?

We get many requests from speakers who want to be on the famous red dot of a TEDx event. Since 2012, Presentation-Master coaches have coached more than a hundred TEDx speakers worldwide.

Presentation-Master has developed a special program for speakers to get them to apply, ready to speak and fully prepared.

Also for the second time Nienke was my speakercoach for a TEDxtalk, again with full satisfaction of the results! Nienke has the ability to mirror and find the weak chains in the talk to improve to outstanding points. It is my ambition to do many more TEDxtalks and make it to the main TED stage. It’s also my ambition to do this together with Nienke, with warm regards  Robert Bridgeman.

Robert Bridgeman

Author, Speaker, Bridgeman Method, Bridgeman

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Nienke as my Speaker-coach for the TEDx Saxion University event, Brave New World in November 2016.
Her focus was on the uniqueness of my TEDx presentation, ensuring I maximised my message as a speaker, as well as confidence building and delivery techniques to draw upon.
Her insightful approach, intuitively reaches out and delivers a unique and individual coaching experience to allow you a rewarding opportunity and complete success!
She rocks!

Pamela Nicoletatos

Crew Commander, The Mars Society

I worked with Nienke to help me prepare for speaking at the TEDx Zwolle in jan 2015. She is an enthusiastic and positive speaker coach who is very experienced in her field of expertise. She not only addressed the performance, but also the message itself. Learning by doing and her practical approach helped me to prepare for the TEDx event in a very short period and with only one face-to-face session. I definitely recommend her work as a speakers’ coach! View my TEDx Talk.

Jasper Kremers


Nienke gets it! Coaching throughout the preparation for TEDxZwolle was brilliant as she understood the needs of a speaker from scripting the talk itself to practising the delivery. She is not only dedicated to her speaker coaching but friendly, approachable and a pleasure to work with.

David Saddington

Nienke did a coaching session with me, to work on my TEDx Talk. She had some great tools on how to work with presenting a story. She’s very ‘to the point’ and a clear communicator. I learned a lot from here about speaking on stage and I’m happy to have met this wonderful coach!

Cordula Klein Goldewijk

Vocal Coach & CVT Authorised Teacher, Ken je Stem

Peace calmness and trust is what Nienke radiates Just a small pick of what she is capable off.. Excellent coach and just a very pleasant person to work with! My TEDx Talk.

Patrick Stoffer

Vanuit TEDx Zwolle 2015 kreeg ik Nienke van Bezooijen als Speakercoach. Nienke haar adviezen over mijn talk, mijn houding op het podium en contact met de zaal waren zeer waardevol voor mij. Haar enthousiasme, humor en persoonlijke benadering gaven me ook een zelfverzekerder gevoel. Al 40 jaar presenteer ik mijn ontwerpen en geef ik lezingen tot ver over onze landsgrens, nooit bijgestaan door een professionele coach, ook voor TEDx Zwolle dacht ik dat niet nodig te hebben. Wat ben ik blij dat ik op het aanbod van TEDx Zwolle ben ingegaan, want op een podium staan met ruim 750 toehoorders in de zaal en binnen 15 minuten een goed verhaal neerzetten, was voor mij een geheel nieuwe ervaring. Een ervaring die door de adviezen van Nienke voor mij zeer geslaagd werd.

Niek Roozen

Director, Niek Roozen Landscape Architects


Why Masterclasses?

For people who want to take part in more than ‘just a workshop’ about presenting, Presentation-Master gives you the unique opportunity to attend our Masterclass: Presenting with impact!
This Masterclass is based on our professional speaking system: The E.A.S.E method.

Communication experts, team leaders, managers, business owners, and sales professionals, they will all experience the enormous increase of their impact in speaking in the field of their expertise.

I‘ve been searching for a method to improve my speaking skill and engage more with my audiences. I speak often and want to develop my presentations to a higher level. Nienke gave me all instrument and I love it to use them> Most impressive and unexpected Nienke changed me from giving a story to telling MY story. This change in performance will change the way I act and will help many ‘Bikkels’ of the Bart de Graaff foundation to make the difference and start their own companies.

Erwin Vroom

Algemeen en commercieel manager, Bart de Graaff Foundation

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