We support TEDxSaxionU

Also in 2016 Presentation-Master coached all the speakers for this great TEDx event in the eastern part of the Netherlands. We love to work with the Saxion team for their ‘never settle for less’ mentality for a top level TEDx event.

Do not miss this great event in 2017!

We interviewed more then 20 leaders about their speaking in public. At this moment we combine all the interviews into a book called “Sprekend Leiderschap”. We expect to deliver this anthology in the first part of 2017…

We are part of the Salland Academy. A place where training, mentoring and coaching can be found from companies and for companies in this rich region in the Netherlands. (That’s why all the information on the Salland Academy page is in Dutch).

California Women’s Conference 2017

ARE YOU READY to lead the way to the future for women?
For 30 years, this two-day event has changed the lives of more than 1 million women. Whether you are leading an organization, a business, a nonprofit, an international movement, or your own family — now YOU, too, can discover the life-changing strategies of some of the world’s leading women — from opinion leaders to industry executives to your favorite celebrities.

This one-of-a-kind event WILL sell out — it has every year — so don’t miss out!
A two-day event where some of the world’s top speakers, entertainers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders will inspire and empower YOU to make great change in the world.

We supported the Appril Festival

With our experience we deliver support on:
Speaker coaching, Event management, Key note speaker and we formed the jury at Speaker Pitches.

For DragonsDen kind pitching for initiative of ‘Kansfonds’ Presentation Master will train the pitchers and stream the event in June.
In September 2017 presentation-Master will give event consultancy on their Anniversary Symposium.

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