The Masters Method makes the difference in all speaker-coaching, training skills, 101 tips to shine etc. This is not material you can get anywhere else in this order, so easily to adapt to your toolbox you need as a speaker.

If you’ve worked on the first 3 pillars you will do fine as a speaker. Even a good speaker.
Only the ones whom understand there is more to master in order to be that outstanding speaker. That grabs the audience every time, over and over again to have the impact, to inspire and to influence for the good…..They pick up the mastery and move on from there. Real speakers engagement.
To get the optimal audience and speaker engagement you need to connect with your audience with empathy. A heart to heart connection. Speaker engagement starts with an open body-language, open tonality and the warm welcome facial expression, listen and look.
Open your ears, open your eyes and open your heart and facilitate your audience by speaking.
What we teach you in the Masters Method is to STOP before you open your mouth. make contact, don’t start to blurb straight away.
Dare to pause. You have 1 mouth and 2 ears use them with proportion!

What you do in being present in a one- to one conversation, in making eye contact, not complete staring and  over-focused at your conversation partner. That is what you do as a speaker as well.

What you don’t do one to one, don’t do that one to many too.

Eye contact: avoid or embrace? If you talk to someone, do you look into the eyes of do you look besides the person? Do you like to listen to someone whom is talking to you and at the same time looking to the side of your head. Or do you want to see the eyes to be taken seriously?

Listen between the words the audience tell you. Listen to the vibrations the audience gives to you and serve them with the authentic self you have in you. This is not about being hyper sensitive to sound but all about awareness. Make sure you are aware what is going on in the room and with your audience. Knowing exactly in time when to respond and when just to leave it for the best  result. Just keep clear in mind it’s the service you give to the audience.

The last point we cover in the Masters method is handling emotions. Handling emotions of your audience and of your self.
You use the emotions-ladder for that, an advanced technique what will help you any time any place.
Only when you master this you are ready to make the real difference as the speaker you want to show.

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