The S.T.A.R. Performance Process™

The S.T.A.R. Performance Process™ is all about letting go of old, not serving speaking habits, transforming them in habits that serve your audience all the time.
You need 4 steps to get there. This method serves you to get from A to B.

Self esteem

Self-esteem, knowing your own power, being able to be vulnerable and strong at the same time because that’s the real your, means you will be recognized as authentic speaker. Authentic speaker have a natural impact and influence on people they want to help or support.
A lot of starting speakers think too much about what they think their audience might think about them. Mainly it is an influence from our past.  How many times did you hesitate about acting on something, because in your own mind, you failed before. How many times did you not step up, because of the little voice inside yourself doubted you?  “Are you sure you are the great expert of this topic? Didn’t so and so do much better. Who do you think you are…?” Andy Harrington, great trainer and public speaker quotes: “ Why do you try so hard to fit in when your are born to stand out”. I agree with him on this.


Transformation is what I do with my masterclasses and with my coachees. I don’t believe in changing something. You can change a position of you feed, it doesn’t make a long lasting change. In speaking it’s about letting go of old, not serving speaking habits and transforming them in habits that serve you and your audience all the time. No matter if you speak to you spouse or to your employees of the boardroom at a large conference.
Transformation is a deep process, long lasting and gaining the result you choose to. That’s why I don’t believe in polishing your skills, and tips and tricks. You will forget about them, spent your money on some kind of drug for a short high result. It can be good, I’m convinced you deserve more than short high!


Authenticity. Everybody will agree you need to be authentic as a speaker. It’s easier said than done.Even to describe authenticity is a job itself. But if you are able to tap into that you are a leading authority, easily!
‘To bring about the best version of yourself without playing a role’ could be the phrase….Do you see that as authentic? Or as fake?  Do you want your audience to believe you, trust you of what you say? Isn’t that everybody’s biggest fear, public humiliation by getting disbelieve: people doubting you? Authentic speakers, authorities on stage are like a solid and strong heartbeat. You see no weakness, maybe vulnerability, no infirmity.
How do you get and keep your confidence to speak in public?


Results. What you want to gain for your audience. The results you want to get.
The starting point is always, like Simon Sinek says: Start with the Why. So by introducing your topic, speech or presentation make sure people understand why you speak about you topic, why that is important to them as specific audience and why it is important now. And last but not least: why they should listen to you.

All these items you get in the S.T.A.R. Performance Process.


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