Presentation  C.P.R. for speakers in trouble. The first aid to emergency presentation.

Do you have a last minute presentation?
Maybe you’ve been dreading your preparation or you’ve run out of time…….You are in trouble!

Maybe you need a Presentation C.P.R?

Presentation-Master C.P.R. saves you from:

killing your audience by PowerPoint
bad speaker reputation

Presentation-master C.P.R. brings your speaking-skills alive into your own authentic professional speaking. The next step is to bring your speach back to life!

Want to know more?

In healthcare CPR can save your life. Bringing the victim alive by getting the pulsation back into your own heartbeat.


Clear the mind and start the communication instead of talking at your audience.

Physical Fitness

Start with physical fitness, so you have the energy to speak. It contains the right food and drinks and the easy exercises to become recognized as an attractive speaker.


Start to build a relationship with your audience to be sure your message is coming across!

Indeed, you need to communicate your message well in order to get the audience to listen to you and follow your words (or instructions). Of course you need to free you trachea, to breathe right. To unlock your free breathing with the right speaking-techniques.

You can’t deliver with a lot of stress. And…why would you bring your speech alive if there is nobody to connect with? So you need to optimize your speaker relationship with your audience before you can deliver your presentation!

It all sounds so simple and in fact it is:
With C.P.R. you don’t just do something! It’s dangerous to do just something without the crucial knowledge. C.P.R. needs training, good instruction before you act.
You learn C.P.R. from a specialist! You handle effectively in a straight format to gain results: quick, structured and clear with the outcome: back on your feet and fully alive!

Life changing experience!

Maybe you prefer a total make-over of your presentation-skills and handle all speaking opportunities with E.A.S.E.
Check what’s best for you and do the Executive Speaker Self Assessment!

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