The E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System

Many people in business, or as an executive, need Professional Speaking in public. A lot of these people don’t like it very much or even fear it.
The E.A.S.E  Professional Speakers System helps them, or if you recognize this, helps you too!
The E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System, a step by step solution to be successful as a speaker, perfect pitch, stress-free, great performance for success.
People don’t listen to a dull and flat presentation, you need the right energy, the right speakers-techniques as well a total audience engagement in an authentic way. All in the same person. That person can be you: with some help from E.A.S.E. professional Speakers System.


Did you ever attend a presentation done by the speaker with such a low energy you hardly good stay awake? Than you know Energy matters as a speaker. I’ll show you how using the right energy in speaking can help you in engaging with your audience.
The power of energy as a speaker can make the difference in believing you, trusting you and buying from you as a speaker. Knowing when to use what kind of energy will, make the audience will keep coming back to you every time you speak. No fear but excitement for you as a speaker as reward!

  • It’s about bringing you presentation alive with the heartbeat of your own energy like a pulse. You can achieve this by using with a variation in power, pause, speed words into a pulse.
  • Did you ever watch a sportsperson getting ready for the game? They built up their energy to get to the right result. In speaking you can use the same kind of energy. You need to be physical strong and fit to deliver the best way of energy.
  • Presence is the key to energy.  The speaker who has no connection by any kind of stage presence, he/ she can’t  handle energy in the room. With lack of presence the audience will drift apart. No matter what you try you can’t  keep them with you. It can be frustrating for you if they ‘don’t listen’ to you. The E.A.S.E. Professional Speaker System will give you the solution to stay engaged with your audience at any time.

In my public speaking coaching I teach about the Speaking Success Circle. I show how you have to make a 100% effort in speaking to become successful.
It’s 70% body-language, 20% how you use your voice and 10% content in what you say.
70-20-10 rule

  • The Visual part is the 70% body language. It’s the body that speaks so loudly and nobody seems to hear your words. How to stand with your feed, shoulders, knees.
    It’s so simple as long as you know what to do and what to avoid. The body always speaks first. The way I put posture and energy together will help you to be aware of the right body-language at the right place.
  • The Vocal part  is the way you use your voice, your real voice. Bringing in the variety in speed, intonation, punch-words and stretch-words will help you to become a speaker worth listening too! Use (and protect) your voice as a precious instrument will get you in professional speaking mode easy.
  • The Verbal part is to choose your word careful to your audience. Speak the same language as your audience is very important. Avoid the language you speak in the field off your profession, if your audience isn’t familiar to it. Well-chosen words can connects the audience to you.
    Don’t make the mistake unprofessional speaker often make by assuming the audience will understand them anyway because of who they are in their field.


You can speak well, send the right energy, but you need more than that to step up as the professional you want to be. Stage engagement is the final part of The E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System. Through empathy you make this stage engagement. The fear of public humiliation blocks the most of us from real contact. Still you can make real contact by share the empathy.
The skill to use your sentences  as ears and eyes will give you opportunity to make the difference between being a good speaker and being a great speaker with great results.

  • Ears in the E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System means listening between the words the audience tell you. Anticipate like you have a ‘third ear’.
  • “The eyes reflect the soul like a mirror” is a well-known saying. In order to be authentic and truthful, you better make eye-contact with your audience Talk with your audience like an one to one conversation. It prevents you from fear and insecure feelings.
  • The last part of the E.A.S.E. Professional Speaking System is about how to manage your emotions on stage. It’s about controlling your own emotions. “If the emotion rises the intelligence drops” is a common scene. All earlier described items of the system reflect in emotions. No passion, no emotion, no sympathy, no great speaker.


Looking at the letters of The E.A.S.E. Professional Speaker System you can see the energy, empathy and speaking. The missing A is the A of Authenticity.
It’s the base of what people will see and say about you, but not often mentioned in professional speaking.

‘To bring about the best version of yourself without playing a role’ could be the phrase….Authenticity is the key.

Did you ever had the experience to listen to a speaker whom wasn’t congruent to the words he spoke. A speech as the same trick every time he/ she is on stage. It’s an act no speech. Do you see that as authentic? Or as fake?  Do you want your audience to believe you, trust you of what you say? In The E.A.S.E. Professional Speaking System you get a sense of what you need to show as mentioned authentic. until you master to be authentic as a speaker you won’t become an authority as well.

  • It’s all about self-esteem, controlling thoughts about what you can reach and experiences from your past, getting into the success of the future.
  • Self-reflection is the best way to get yourself in a visible authentic position, people with just a big ego and no self-refection don’t last long on stage. You want to connect with people and you push them away  by “not tapping in to the best version of you”.
    It isn’t enough to say: “this is just me, take it or leave it”, if you can’t use it properly on stage. People search for transformation.  If you are able, after your well done self-reflection, to describe what you’ve been through, what your benefits are from the lessons you learned: people will be encouraged by you!
  • “To be believed or not being believed that’s the question……” the art of self-promotion is important in the “been seen” as an authentic speaker. If you don’t believe your-self, nobody in the audience will buy you. Not as a person to be believed and not to buy from you in a financial way too. The E.A.S.E. Professional Speaker System helps you to get both results.

So to become the great speaker whom is waiting inside of you, the best version of you longing out to be seen by many: You deserve it and the world is waiting for you!
The E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System is just the right vehicle for you to get there solid and fast!