Event consultancy

There are two types of events and often they have the same challenges.

1. You have regular group meeting in your organisation f.e. about the progress of projects, quarterly results in finance, preparing change management etc. You just pick one you recognise.
2. You have a theme based event for your industry and you have an open enrolment for attendees.

For the first type organisation:
The challenge you face is how to organise so the impact is what you have in mind. This is important for the organisation and attendees.
Very often we get the question: how do I get people involved and on the same page and in action?
It’s a frustration people just attend and move on like nothing happened.
It’s a waste of time and money.
In organisations we see the organisers desperate in how to solve this problem. They even start even to use entertainment, advances technology and penalties for people whom are skipping the events.
It cost a lot of time and money and the result doesn’t improve at the longer term.

The second type of event:
The open commercial event tries the same thing. More ‘famous speakers’, paid a lot of money for the same talk they do everywhere. Try even a sport speaker to get people on the move Take the event in extremes to let people experience something out of the box. We call this ‘a shot of seminar’.
First people feel great and by the time it’s the day after they feel empty and the feel worse than before. It creates seminar junkies. They attend often because they like to feel as good as in the last seminar. For some of them it becomes a way of living.
That’s how the whole motivational speaker industry is built on. Multiple speakers often pitching product in TellSell style or Motivational speakers trying to change your mindset. Do you recognise it?
Attendees know the trick by now and it gets harder and harder to fill a room with the right people.

Over the years Presentation-Master gathered all the background information you need as event organiser to go back to the basic of your event.
– Why do you organise this event?
– What do you want to get as a result out of it?
– How do you put this all together and make it work in a style that fits best?
– What if the event is over and the people get back to daily life: what needs to be different after the event?
How do you become the facilitator of your event to answer all these questions?
That’s where we come in:
We help you to get clear first.
We help you to select your speakers and train them to be prepared for your event instead of ‘doing their normal thing’. If they don’t want that don’t chose them. Respect them on their knowledge and they have to respect your purpose. Never make the choice only based on name and fame.
We assist to get all as a team together and close the gap between speaker and organiser with us.
With multiple speakers all speakers are aligned for the purpose of your event for the optimum impact for your audience.
If you want we can become the MC (or in Dutch ‘dagvoorzitter’) because we know all ins and outs of your event. We can lead you with ease through the whole day.


Do you want to know more, contact us…

Natuur en milieu Overijssel: This year we had all initiative of the ‘Energy-pitch’ trained before the event. What a huge difference. To the point and really effective dragons den type pitches, awesome training and results. It was a real benefit Nienke was MC as well, she could help pitchers out and lead all conversations in making sense to the purpose of this event’.

Saxion University:
“In our internal event was had to challenge to bring ‘boring topics to a high level of commitment’. The first meeting was ‘saved’ by a professional MC. We knew we had to do something drastic to make the change work. Presentation-master trained for the final meeting 80% of the speakers an all could see an amazing difference. All speaker make a logical sense together and the desired change in our organisation was there in a flinch!”

IBO Business School Leusden: IBO goes TEDx Event, purpose: Alumni sharing their next steps in business after their education at IBO “Great impact, much higher level of speakers, really engaging and I look forward to the next event. We shall do this regularly!”

Appril Festival:
“If we do this event again all pitchers should be trained upfront. Amazing improving in an hour by presentation-master”.