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When Lars Ros was 11 years old, he started his career as a sailing instructor and in the past 35 years he trained and coached thousands of people. He is still a sailor in his heart and therefor uses sailing as a metaphor in his communication-consultancy and mentoring.

Sailing Through Change
Future Leadership
Body Language in Public Speaking

As an experienced and business-oriented communications professional, Lars started working within the field of education and continued by growing businesses in a variety of industries, most of them were build on innovative technology to enrich the world. Lars his international experience has given him a detailed insight into all aspects of the communications and consultancy function from a broad perspective.

His bachelors’ degree in Business Engineering (1994) is complemented with Management seminars, Programs for Sales Leadership, Body language seminars, NLP, Personal Branding, Cloud Computing skills, Public Speaking Masterclasses and he is a certified Yoga and Mindfulness trainer. In 2015 he became a licensee for the E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System and joined Presentation Master.

Being a sailor Lars created his own introduction session / assessment for his new clients: S.C.O.P.E.
After this session you have clarity about:
S elfknowledge
C hoices
O pportunities
P urpose
E ngagement

Lars works only with a selective and limited group of people, who are fully committed and ready to step up for their ripple effect in life.
Is that you…?

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Are you a leader with impact?
Are you ready to step up and make the difference from the speakers in your field of expertise?
Are you ready to produce results and leave your comfort-zone?
Clarity – Courage – Impact!

Lars delivers functional excellence and is a strong partner to the business. What drives him is the opportunity to build and contribute to growth, to believe in the concept of the business and to be an ambassador of its values. His strength is to drive people towards top performance through a sound approach, creating strong organizational focus and inspiring leadership.

His mission: “To serve people who decided to share their magnificent story.”

Together with Nienke, Lars is sharing the ‘The Speaker Success Solution’ to support you to use your influence by speaking and improve your image by giving the best version of you. Lars enables you to inspire your people by who you really are; to create impact with your whole performance!

Photo: Aldo Allessie


Stop thinking, start doing, or be prepared your competition gets our secrets first. We only work with people whom are willing to transform what they did so far, in a sustainable speakers-technique, fast, firm, no- nonsense.

Straight from where you are to where you want to be. We never waste your time, neither should you waist ours, by procrastination, reasons or your believes what old-school opinions told you before…

Are you committed? We support you to your next level!

Sailing Through Change
Future Leadership
Body Language in Public Speaking

Photo: Aldo Allessie

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Lars, your personal coaching has changed completely the way I see myself, and therefore, the way I approach others. Your coaching taught me that the way I shape knowledge trough my personal and professional experience is much more important than how much I know. From you I learned that communicating ideas requires synchronizing your mind with both your mouth and body, and that articulating your body is often more important than articulating your mouth. You pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I am happy to know now that my conform zone is as large as I am willing to step out of it. When we started this trajectory, I was reluctant on the value that your personal coaching would bring me. Now I realize how wrong I was. Thanks for your help. Juan Jauregui Becker.

Juan Jauregui Becker

Advisor & Trainer at University of Twente, University of Twente

Lars coached me for my TEDx talk at University of Twente. It was a fabulous experience being coached by him as he helped me make my talk sharper, shorter and more impactful. His ever-positive energy infuses confidence in speakers making them powerful and connected with the audience. His tips on body language, eye contact and posture were very useful! In short, he loves his work and he knows how to get the best out of each speaker. Thank you and All the best Lars!

Yamini Singh

Founder and Director at Planit, Planit

In record time, pointed advise from Lars and Nienke leveled up my presentation significantly. Solid advise: actionable, memorable, easy.

Iwein Fuld

Founder, Squads

I was asked to do a TedTalk and needed to find my “Ideas Worth Spreading”. I had no idea which of my ideas were worth spreading but my coach Lars really helped me find myself. He didn’t only help me make a great talk but he also helped me discover more of myself. After this talk I’m not only a better speaker, I’m also a more confident about my decisions in life.
Thanks Lars!
Koen Brouwer

Leadsinger/songwriter, JULIUS

“For many years addressing the public or standing in front of a camera for me resulted in an enormous amount of nerves and sleepless nights. Through the speakers’ coaching of Lars and Nienke I found my stage voice; more importantly I found the self-confidence necessary to tell the story that inspires and motivates people to action. Step-by-step and with great practical tips they helped give my story a voice.  – SwipeGuide”

Willemijn Schneyder

Founder, SwipeGuide

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