Nienke van Bezooijen

Keynote Speaker & Conference Host

Nienke van Bezooijen is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker, official international (TEDx) Speaker coach, International Master-Trainer and Author. Nienke’s developed her own method for professional speakers: The Speakers Success Solution. This method helps you step by step to tap into your inner power and let the professional speaker step out of you forever to serve you.

The Mindset
After working in healthcare for 20 years Nienke realized her true gifts: Passing on her experience and facilitating other people’s growth! Nienke took the opportunity and she made the life-changing decision to achieve a degree in Business Administration and Coaching and now successfully manages her own company. With the leverage of her past experience she inspires people to follow their passion and guides them as they turn their lives into an extraordinary success. 

Keynotes: Communication and Public Speaking | Mind-set | Empowerment | Focus and Results.

The Speaker Success Solution is designed for you if you want to become a great speaker on world-class level ánd you want to turn this into a very profitable business as well! It includes 4 different systems to build your speakers business to be the caviar of public speaking.

Nienke is determined to reach for her ultimate result: “To provide the world with a voice to bring people alive for change.

The Results
Nienke surpasses every expectation to serve her audiences. Her determination, mind-set, and her ways of encouraging growth, have proved exceptionally motivational for people. She is recognized for her brilliance both in on stage performance and coaching, in the Netherlands as well as at an international top-level. Her path to success has been an inspiration to many.

The Future
To expand the reach of helping speakers worldwide she developed her own training on a top level for people who want to use this E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System™ as well.
Do you want to become a Master speakercoach too?
Do you want to work at this world-class level as well, make your own money by serving speakers worldwide?

Learn more?

T Harv Eker and Nienke 2011
She went to train with T. Harv Eker in:
Train the Trainer Certification Program London UK 2011
Making the Stage certification Program Phuket Thailand 2011

Nienke en Blair Singer little voice
Blair Singer (Little voice mastery, Sales Dogs)
Nienke worked with Blair Singer at:
Making the Stage program Thailand 2011
The Master Facilitator Certification Program in America 2012

Deborah Torres Patel and Nienke
Nienke worked with Deborah Torres Patel
The Worlds Top Voice Expert
Find your Million Dollar Voice Program.
Nienke joined the program in 2012 in Switzerland
Assisted this program in 2013 Leiden (the Netherlands)
2014 Frankfurt ( Germany)

Nienke and Andy Harrington 2014She also works as ACE-coach  with
Andy Harrington at the Professional Speakers Academy in the UK.
2014: Fast track in 6 month she was trained at the Elite Level at Andy Harringtons Professional Speakers Academy in order to teach the Jet Set Speaker System.
Inspired by these world class performers, Nienke has achieved great success as a keynote-speaker, international trainer and coach.

Nienke is at an exceptional level as a speaker coach in The Netherlands. Of all the top courses I can think of internationally she has mastered them. It is hard to find someone on that level especially in the Netherlands. Besides that she coaches with her heart and really pushes you to reach that next level in your personal development and growth. In terms of value that is priceless. When it comes to getting coached for public speaking, Nienke is the real deal.

Paul van Oostende

Manager SAP & Basic Middleware, Ministerie van Financiën

Vanuit TEDx Zwolle 2015 kreeg ik Nienke van Bezooijen als Speakercoach. Nienke haar adviezen over mijn talk, mijn houding op het podium en contact met de zaal waren zeer waardevol voor mij. Haar enthousiasme, humor en persoonlijke benadering gaven me ook een zelfverzekerder gevoel. Al 40 jaar presenteer ik mijn ontwerpen en geef ik lezingen tot ver over onze landsgrens, nooit bijgestaan door een professionele coach, ook voor TEDx Zwolle dacht ik dat niet nodig te hebben. Wat ben ik blij dat ik op het aanbod van TEDx Zwolle ben ingegaan, want op een podium staan met ruim 750 toehoorders in de zaal en binnen 15 minuten een goed verhaal neerzetten, was voor mij een geheel nieuwe ervaring. Een ervaring die door de adviezen van Nienke voor mij zeer geslaagd werd.

Niek Roozen

Director, Niek Roozen Landscape Architects

Nienke knows, in a very short time, how to drastically improve your presentation skills. She manages to give you just enough hints, in just the right way, to help you deliver your speech to the best effect. Which makes you feel better about your own presentation, but most importantly, helps your audience understand your ideas and message much better. Presenting for me used to be an okay activity, now it’s plain straight-out fun!

Maartje van Hees

Founder, ExceptionAll

I ‘ve searching for a method to improve my speaking skill and engage more with my audiences. I speak often and want to develop my presentations to a higher level. Nienke gave me all instrument and I love it to use them> Most impressive and unexpected Nienke changed me from giving a story to telling MY story. This change in performance will change the way I act and will help many ‘Bikkels’ of the Bart de Graaff foundation to make the difference and start their own companies.

Erwin Vroom

Algemeen en commercieel manager, Bart de Graaff Foundation

Within half an hour Nienke knew to point out my story, over a year’s worth of blogging, in the size of one A-6 format. She has given me, in short time, a positive way in thinking out of my box. Now the ball is in my court. So thank you, Nienke, out of my comfort zone I go!

Marjolein Pothoven

teacher mentor , Prakticon

I asked Nienke to help me with coaching on speaking in public and work for TV Documentaries.
I assumed she would help me with my posture, but what she did was different and quite exceptional: within little time she helped me put my message into better, coherent words than I could ever do alone, by asking me questions and pointing at what would be most important. She really did an excellent job and I could highly recommend her speaker coaching to anyone who wants to get his or her message to the world clear.

Saskia ter Welle

Fashion Designer, Designer Haute Couture Embroidery, Saskia ter Welle Colour | Style | Design

Her personal mission, ‘to provide the world with a voice’, says it all. Nienke quickly cuts to the chase, exposes your actual message and helps you to focus on just that. With her strong personality she can take control when needed, but ultimately it’s about you and your story. I know my TEDx talk would have been nowhere near as sharp without her.

Jasper Driessens

Entrepreneurial AI student, University of Amsterdam

I had extensive experience in teaching, I gave multiple presentations both at scientific conferences and for a broader, general public, before I had the pleasure to work with Nienke van Bezooijen. Based on my experience and as a scientist, I thought I know how to give a convincing presentation that attracts attention. Yes, I know the story I want to tell, and yes I know the technical details of the work I want to present. But now I know that this counts for only 10%. Nienke taught me the other 90%! She learned me how to use my voice effectively, how to use body language to support my message, and she showed me how to stand firm during my talk. One may think ‘I don’t need this’ and it might sound woolly, but to those I would say: ‘give it a try and you will experience the effect immediately’.
I met Nienke while preparing for a TEDx talk, but what I learned from here was so much more than just one good talk. I take all her advices, tricks and support with me and use it everyday in all presentations, lectures, talks I give. And I enjoy it! It is amazing to experience how much impact the input of Nienke has on my presentations. I highly recommend Nienke if you would like to develop yourself and move beyond the ‘dime a dozen’ presentations usually given!

Kitty Nijmeijer

Professor Membrane Materials and Processes, Eindhoven University of Technology

Nienke helped me put the final polish on my Tedx talk. She gave great feedback on my practice runs, had great suggestions to tighten things up and made me feel like a million bucks. The results are apparent in the TEDx Video through my calm confident performance!

Heather Vescent

Entrepreneur, Futurist, Producer, The Purple Tornado

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Nienke as my Speaker-coach for the TEDx Saxion University event, Brave New World in November 2016.
Her focus was on the uniqueness of my TEDx presentation, ensuring I maximised my message as a speaker, as well as confidence building and delivery techniques to draw upon.
Her insightful approach, intuitively reaches out and delivers a unique and individual coaching experience to allow you a rewarding opportunity and complete success!
She rocks!

Pamela Nicoletatos

Crew Commander, The Mars Society

I worked with Nienke briefly but intensively both the day before and on the actual day that I gave a TEDx Talk in Zwolle, in the Netherlands. She gave me very perceptive and useful feedback from the rehearsal. Just before I went on, she had me practice my story on her so that it was completely top of mind when I went on stage. She is critical but reassuring – just the right combination. Thanks, Nienke!

Tracy Metz

journalist, author, moderator, director, host live talkshow, columnist, John Adams Institute, Stadsleven, Radio1 De Ochtend

Nienke and I worked together at the IBO goes TEDx seminar in the Netherlands, where Nienke had the role of chairwoman and coach for the speakers. She coached me as a preparation of my IBO TEDx talk about my book: Accounting Architecture Model. Nienke her strength is to ask you just a couple of questions related to your presentation, which clears out exactly what you want to talk about. Her statement is that you have to be able to explain your message in only 2-3 minutes. If you can do that, then you can give any presentation about you topic, in 3 minutes or 3 hours. Nienke gives the people she works with, a lot of trust and support that you really feel comfortable and secure to present and talk about your topic. As the chairwoman she keeps the agenda and the timeframes and she does this in a very natural way. After the positive IBO goes TEDx event and the positive words from Nienke, I even decided to become a public speaker myself! Nienke, thanks a lot for your enthusiasm, coaching an support and I am already looking forward to work with you again in the near future.

Marinda Van Harskamp

Finance transformation, coach, trainer, author and public speaker, IKEA Group