Presenting with E.A.S.E.

Presentation-Master started in 2013 when Nienke van Bezooijen realized it was time to combine all the knowledge she gathered from all over the world about public speaking, into her own company. Nienke is a true senior master and mentor for professional speakers, thought-leaders and change-makers who want to cover their blind spots and improve their impact from within.

I can make you shine in the spotlight, polish you up…. but I’m not a carwash, shine from within forever!

To multiply the power and influence of today’s speakers, she trained others to work with the unique E.A.S.E. Professional Speaker System. Lars Ros became a licensee in 2015 and Lisette Heijboer in 2017.Nienke is the foundation of Presentation-Master and together with Lars and Lisette who are the pillars, they carry the company.

Presentation-Master takes the stand to provide the world with an authentic voice that will generate Influence, Impact with a fitting Image, and Inspiration in the field of industry. Working with Presentation Masters will transform you into a confident speaker whenever and wherever you need to speak in public, or online.


In her book The Speaker Success Solution, Nienke describes how the E.A.S.E. System works.

E. of Energy

Wherever you perform, all starts with the energy you are showing to the one who listens to you. Too low or too high in energy is dysfunctional. How to bring in the right balance is in the first E of the system.

A. of Authenticity

Your audience will notice very fast if you are authentic in sharing what you have to say or if you are playing them a trick. Authentic sharing is long lasting and helps building sustainable credibility.

S. of Skills

Most coaches and trainers start teaching you the skills of speaking in public without checking your energy and authenticity first. Nienke is convinced that you first need to know how you come across and who you are inside, before you start speaking anywhere.

E. of Engagement

How you connect with your audience is the last part of the system. How do you keep the energy in the room, how do prevent ‘sending’ your message and lose the audience. Engagement is also about how you recognise the hotspot and gaps of energy in the room and how do you handle questions effectively and respectfully.

Our Masters

Nienke is a true senior master and mentor for professional speakers who want to cover their blind spots and improve their impact from within. Authentic, Clear and Effective! More about Nienke.

Lars was 11 years old when he started his training and coaching career as a sailing instructor and in the past 35 years he trained and coached thousands of people. More about Lars.

Lisette is passionate about getting your true business story out to let that story support you ánd your business.
More about Lisette.

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I love this book! So simple to follow, with great stories and powerful exercises. Well done.
– David Shephard